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'ACERP' by Max Eilbacher (cs)


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Purely Physical's fourth release (second in the Teeny Tapes series) 'A Crude Explanation of Russell’s Paradox' by Baltimore based Max Eilbacher.

Limited to 100 pro-dubbed, smoky clear cassettes featuring double sided, hand silk screened covers by Ren Schofield (Container).

Mastered by Rupert Clervaux.

Following up A System that Slips, on Nick Klein's Primitive Languages, A Crude Explanation of Russell’s Paradox sees Max continue his system based, sound generation practice delivering 11 piano, tone and snare based arrangements informed by the mathematical principles of Bertrand Russell.

"These recordings originated with a system created on my computer that played abstract samples of a piano. I discovered the system worked better using only a select few of the many piano sounds I had recorded and intended to use. I found it also worked well with no piano at all. Instead, I employed white noise, a solid tone, and wavefolders. Randomly generated patterns control the sequencing, routings and various sound parameters in the system. I created rules for my system based off of my crude understanding of Bertrand Russell’s Paradox theory that then modulates those patterns" - Max Eilbacher


Max Eilbacher is an intermedia artist who works primarily with sound, video and performance. His sound practice draws upon traditions of electroacoustic, musique concréte composition and process intensive computer music. Max is based in Baltimore, MA, and has previously released on Spectrum Spools and NNA tapes. He performs solo, with his bands Horse Lords and Sef 3, and also in the live incarnation of Matmos.