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'Figures' by Laila Sakini & Lucy Van (cs)

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Mastered by Rashad Becker.

Edition of 100. - FINAL 10 COPIES AVAILABLE

Poetry, speech, melody and electronics combine on the first tape from new sub-label ‘Purely Physical Teeny Tapes’.

A change of pace for PP, ‘Figures’ is also a divergence for the two artists involved. Emerging from Melbourne, 'Figures' is a rare artefact for devotees of both poetry and electronic music. The release marks a protean coming together by two figures with curiosity for each other's practice, forming a union between sound and speech to explore themes of bodies, time, language and power.

Lucy Van, who works as a post-doctoral researcher in English and Theatre studies, offers her poems in spoken form and also transcribed in full for the poster in the release.

Laila Sakini, a DJ who has recently emerged as a songwriter-producer, shapes music around each poem intuitively, adding context with restraint, in an experimental, yet pop-conscious process.

Initially developed as a one track hobby project for a noise and spoken word poetry night (which was cancelled), 'Figures' continued to evolve into a more complete body of work, with Laila leaking the demos on her NTS guest slots, leading to this eventual, finalisation of an EP.

Presented on a pro-dubbed all clear tape, packaged with an A2 double sided fold-out newsprint poster, all within a PVC heat sealed pouch.

Laila and Lucy:

Lucy writes about poetry and photography. She is a post-doctoral researcher in the English and Theatre Studies program at the University of Melbourne, and an editor at Cordite Poetry Review. Lucy also writes lyric and prose poems, and has spoken at venues including The Slow Canoe, Station Gallery, and the National Gallery of Victoria.

Laila's role as a DJ and emerging producer/songwriter has seen her traverse between her home town of Melbourne and London. She has performed across clubs and festivals in Melbourne and in various venues throughout London, Paris and Belgium along with art spaces including The National Gallery of Victoria, Carriageworks and The Australian Centre for the Moving Image. She presents semi-regularly on NTS Radio, has appeared on Boiler Room and has opened for the likes of Dopplereffekt and Optimo. Laila has recently begun producing, writing and performing live solo and collaborative works.